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Get Meticulous Fine Cleaning Services in Victoria, BC, for Your Carpet, Area Rugs, and Upholstery. Beautiful Things Deserve the Finest Care.

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Cleaning Services Victoria, BC

Victoria Fine Cleaning Services

Get highly specialized Fine Cleaning Services in Victoria, BC. The carpet, area rugs, and upholstery in your home or business are often the most valuable. We can help make them last and stay beautiful for many years. I am Bill, and you will work directly with me. You are hiring a highly-skilled, detail-obsessed owner-operator with over 30 years’ experience who cares about his work and you, the client. The bottom line is it’s about who is doing the work. God is in the details.


A small company that offers highly specialized services or products.

Definition of Meticulous

Showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.

Beautiful Things Like Your Carpets, Area RUgs and Upholstery Deserve the Finest Care

Our meticulous Victoria Fine Cleaning Services feature simple, all-inclusive flat-rate pricing that includes every conceivable extra many companies will try to upsell when they get to your home. We include specialized stain removal (including pet stain removal), anti-allergen treatment, odour removal (including pet odour removal), sanitizing, and anti-re-soiling protection for no extra charge! Plus, we list our flat-rate prices on our individual services pages for you and the world to see. When you schedule or book online you will see the same prices.

Eva and I want you to have peace of mind knowing the exact price before you schedule an appointment. Our online booking is fast and super-easy, and no payment information is required. Plus, you will not have to jump through hoops. Imagine never being put on hold, forced to talk to a salesperson, play telephone tag, or endure high-pressure sales tactics and awkward questions. You can book your next cleaning in seconds!

Our exclusive eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe & natural cleaning uses organic citrus botanicals that gently clean, brighten, and restore fabrics and fibres. Custom-blended and imported for Tapestry by a master chemist specializing in natural fibre textile cleaning.

Our mantra is to clean without damage. We meticulously hand-clean upholstery, delicate or heirloom rugs and upholstery.

Excess and uncontrolled moisture is not environmentally sustainable and is hard on soft surfaces like carpet, area, rugs and upholstery. Our exclusive hybrid wet-dry fine cleaning techniques eliminate problems leaving soft surfaces dry in about an hour or two.

The Carpet and Rug Institute explains that one of the most important questions you should ask before Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Professional is: Do you vacuum before deep cleaning the carpet? The answer should be yes! If not, look elsewhere. Vacuuming before applying moisture to carpets, area rugs, and upholstery is essential for producing exceptional results. We use a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval commercial 2-motor vacuum with dual HEPA filtration. Our competitors will be long gone before we finish vacuuming!

Enjoy peace of mind using a honest, certified textile cleaning professional with over 30 years’ experience and our 30-day guarantee.

Luxury Yacht Cleaning Services

We are the preferred service provider for the Victoria International Marina. You’ll love our quiet, discreet, respectful, and non-intrusive cleaning service for your carpet, area rugs and upholstery. Our client portfolio includes the Anawa, a 62 m (203’4″) expedition motor yacht, and the sensational sailing yacht Athos, a 208′ Hook Schooner, shown below, moored at the Victoria International Marina.

Luxury Yacht Fine Cleaning Victoria, BC on the Athos Sailing Yacht

Get a no-obligation quote for your yacht moored at the Victoria International Marina by texting us at (236) 565-1914 or emailing us. After an on-board inspection, we will email or text a custom quote the same day.

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We want you to have peace of mind knowing the exact price before we come to your home. That’s why we offer super-easy online scheduling for all our in-home services.

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Your carpet, area rugs and upholstery deserve the finest care.

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