Our Simple Terms of Service

Hi There, We Are Bill & Eva, the Owners of Tapestry in Victoria, BC. We Invite You to Explore Our Simple Terms of Service. We’re Here to Help.

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Our Services

Our simple terms of service are based on our belief in 100% upfront pricing with no up-selling or hidden fees of any kind. The price you see on our website or when booking online will not change when we arrive to your home. Many businesses in Greater in Victoria have tiered pricing. There is a Victoria price, a higher Oak Bay price, and a even higher Uplands price! That’s way we publish our prices for the world to see! We do not view customers as victims. We like to leave money on the table.

Website Limitations

We have made reasonable efforts to ensure that the content of this website is accurate and up to date. There is no expressed or implied guarantee or warranty given as to the accuracy, operation or information contained within this website. All content, including logos, text, photos, code and design on this website are copyright Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning and are expressly reserved. No copying in whole or in part of this website is allowed.

Limitation of Liability

There are inherent risks in any cleaning. We cannot be held responsible for pre-existing conditions, manufacturer defects or use related problems or limitations caused by unusual conditions. Cleaning can cause unexpected shrinkage, buckling, rippling, browning, texture change, splitting, fraying, de-lamination, discolouration, dye bleeding, or dye migration.

When you accept the work order or book online, you agree with all Terms of Service and authorize the work to be performed. You understand that there are risks involved beyond our control and with these conditions in mind you are authorizing Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning to do the work at your own risk, holding Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning harmless from liability. You also are agreeing to the payment conditions below.

Payment Conditions

Residential services are due upon completion. Commercial services are Net 30.

Final Words

We hope you appreciate our simple terms of service. We want you to know the exact price before booking our services. That is why we love it when customers book online. Scheduling online is super easy and only takes a minute. You can schedule with exact prices and no payment information. Please try it. We are sure you will love it!

When John Patterson he launched his newly formed sales team in the late 1800’s, he coined the phrase: “We cannot afford to have a single dissatisfied customer.” He also attributed to the saying: “Good enough is the enemy of all progress.” Both of these business mantras speak volumes and are more valid than ever. They are timeless principles that define our little boutique business.

Thanks for supporting small local businesses. Craftsmanship is alive and well in Victoria!

Definition of Boutique

A small company that offers highly specialized services or products.