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Hi There, We Are Bill & Eva, the Owners of Tapestry. Discover Our Boutique Business in Victoria, BC, and See Why Nothing We Do Is Ordinary.

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We Are About Experience, Craftsmanship and Expert KNOWLEDGE

Hi there, I am Bill, the owner (along with my wife Eva) of Tapestry, a boutique business in Victoria, BC. For over 30 years, I have advanced my craft. My numerous certifications require extensive professional training and experience. I am a certified WoolSafe® Fibre Care Specialist and WoolSafe® Approved Fabric Care Specialist. I actively mentor other carpet cleaners throughout North America and do product testing and development. Sadly, craftsmanship today is hard to find. Marketing gurus have seen to that. But it still can be found in boutique businesses!

Definition of Boutique

A small company that offers highly specialized services or products.


The carpets in our Strata Apartment Complex look new again after Bill’s service! His attention to detail, stain removal guarantee, good pricing, and friendly, accommodating manner leaves the competition far behind. And the quick drying technique is a big bonus in a building where wet muddy work boots are commonplace. Tapestry gets 5 stars!

Janet Donaldson, Opal Apartments

We Are About Integrity, Value and Quality

Eva works behind the scenes. She is also an accomplished oil painting artist and teaches piano over Zoom. Eva has pioneered safe cleaning chemistry for over 15 years. We’re obsessive-compulsive about fine textile cleaning and esoteric business practices from the late 1800s. Somehow, along the way, our society has lost what small local business stands for. You know, the mom-and-pop business model. The craftsperson and the pride of a job well done. We want to help bring back boutique businesses.

The first question price shoppers ask is how much? It’s as if price, is the only criteria. Pricing is only part of the equation. We focus on integrity, value, quality and craftsmanship. There is nothing wrong with the lowest price if that is all you want. But you need to understand the risk and adjust your expectations. See our humorous blog article on McDonald’s type pricing and expectations: The Best Carpet Cleaning Is in the Eye of the Beholder.

We Are About Trust and Relationships

Tapestry has earned the highest certifications in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. When the Westin Bear Mountain Hotel and Resort in Victoria, BC installed a luxurious wool carpet, the Director of Operations understood the importance of hiring a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider and a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval (SOA) carpet cleaning service provider. We are delighted to be chosen to provide commercial carpet cleaning services for this beautiful wool carpet!


“No one else will ever clean this carpet but Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning!”

Nader Albert, The Westin Bear Mountain


“Our carpets look like new, we were so impressed, from now on it is only Bill we call when our carpets need cleaning. You must call him, you will be amazed not only of how clean your carpets are but also how reasonable his prices are. Welcome Bill & Eva, we are very fortunate to have a great company like yours in our city.”

Cheryl Ens, McMillan Dubo Law Group

We Are About Solving Problems

When McMillan Dubo Law Group had 30 defective office chairs leak grease on their beautiful modern white and grey commercial-grade carpet tiles, they hired two carpet cleaning companies. After the disastrous results, they lost hope. That is until we crossed paths with Cheryl Ens. We did some work for her in her home, one thing led to another, and she told us the story. 

She explained: “The first carpet cleaner just drove the dirt down. The second carpet cleaner pulled up all the dirt and grime the first carpet cleaner pushed down. The carpets looked worse after than before. We had Bill come in and look at the carpets. He is so knowledgeable about commercial carpets and how to clean them. He was confident that he could get them looking good again.” The final result you can see in the testimonial box. Carpet cleaning is not rocket science, but it’s also not child’s play!

We Are a Certified WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider

Tapestry is a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider and meets the highest standards in professional carpet and area rug care, having at least one WoolSafe® Fibre Care Specialist technician, extensive professional training with many years of experience and use only approved products. Improperly cleaned wool may cause permanent damage. This video shows the importance of using WoolSafe® Approved products when cleaning wool. 

Badge • WoolSafe Approved Service Provider
Badge • WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist

We are a WoolSafe® Approved Fabric Care Specialist

Tapestry is a WoolSafe® Approved Fabric Care Specialist located in Victoria, BC. They have undergone extensive Fabric Care Specialist training and meet the highest standards in the cleaning and maintenance of furnishing fabrics and upholstery.

We Are EnviroSeal® Certified

Tapestry Fine is an EnviroSeal Certified Company and meets the highest standards in professional cleaning having at least one technician, extensive professional training with many years experience and use environmentally preferable products.

Badge • EnviroSeal Certified Service Provider
Badge • CleanSeal Approved Service Provider

We Are a Certified CleanSeal® Approved Service Provider

Tapestry is a certified CleanSeal Approved Service Provider and meets the highest standards in professional cleaning having completed extensive professional training, extensive professional training with many years experience and uses high performing approved products when cleaning and treating carpets, upholstery, and area rugs.

We Are a CRI Seal of Approval Approved Service Provider

Tapestry has earned the Seal of Approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute. The Carpet and Rug Institute strongly recommends getting your carpet professionally cleaned by a Seal of Approval-certified service provider. These companies use SOA-approved equipment and products so you know your carpet is being serviced with the best.

Badge • The Carpet & Rug Institute Approved Service Provider