The Science of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet might be rocket science after all. This is a thrilling story of failure, heartache, and success!

Every good story starts at the beginning. So let’s start there. After completing a residential job for a new satisfied customer, she told me about her disastrous experience with cleaning commercial carpet in her office. She is the office administrator for McMillan Dubo Law Group. They have a beautiful office space with modern light grey and white carpet tiles. Unfortunately, their new office chairs (over 20) were defective and leaked grease. You can imagine the mess they made.

The First Carpet Cleaner

The first cleaning didn’t go well. She explained: “The first carpet cleaner we had in to clean our carpet just drove the dirt down.” 

The company claimed there was nothing more they could do. That is besides cashing the cheque. Ok, that was a little harsh. But, keep in mind this is a high-quality carpet that was only months old! However, my new customer bravely refused to give up, and so she hired a second commercial carpet cleaning company who bragged about having a new truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit that was up to the challenge. Sounds promising, right?

The Second Cleaner

Wrong. She explains: “The second carpet cleaner we had pulled up all the dirt and grime the first carpet cleaner pushed down. The carpets looked worse after they were done than before.”

They Say Third Time’s a Charm

Fast forward a couple of years later. Remember, she is telling me this story after I did some residential carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning in her home. She was impressed with my work. She then asked me very sheepishly: “Do you think you could do anything with our office carpets? It would be such a shame to replace the carpet.”

They say third time’s the charm, but in this case, no luck was involved. It simply needed a certified professional who understands the science behind commercial carpet cleaning. Who cares and takes pride in his work. Shameless self-promotion, I know. But hey, that’s what this space is all about!

The Hero

I know you’re at the edge of seat waiting to hear the final result. Like all good stories of heartache and disappointment, there is a happy ending. She explains: “We had Bill from Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning come in and look at the carpets, he is so knowledgeable about commercial carpets and how to clean them, he was confident that he could get them looking good again. His machines and products are so different from the traditional truck mounted machines it’s amazing to see how the carpets become so clean and without soaking them. They are literally dry in an hour. Our carpets look like new, we were so impressed, from now on it’s only Bill we call when our carpets need cleaning. You must call him, you will be amazed not only of how clean your carpets are but also how reasonable his prices are… we are very fortunate to have a great company like yours in our city.” You can read the full review here.

I was made to look the hero, but the reality is, I just did what any skilled professional would do. Sad, but true. See my related article: The One-Eyed Carpet Cleaner Is King.”

The Moral

In conclusion, commercial carpet cleaning might not be rocket science, but it’s also not child’s play. It is based on science and chemistry. The Carpet and Rug Institute uses technology developed by Nasa to study, test and recommend the best ways to clean and maintain carpet. If you are looking for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Victoria, BC, let’s talk.