The Finest Carpet Cleaning In Kamloops


We’re old-fashioned. We do not advertise. Our business is built on word of mouth, referrals & repeat customers. Read our reviews & testimonials! If you are a customer, please leave us a review on Google or Facebook when you have a moment. We appreciate it very much!

The Finest Carpet Cleaning In Kamloops


We’re old-fashioned. We do not advertise. Our business is built on word of mouth, referrals & repeat customers. Read our reviews & testimonials! If you are a customer, please leave us a review on Google or Facebook when you have a moment. We appreciate it very much!

Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug &Amp; Upholstery CleaningTapestry Fine Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
5 Stars - Based on 52 User Reviews

Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug &Amp; Upholstery CleaningTapestry Fine Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
5 Stars - Based on 16 User Reviews

  • Lance Mason (Hillcrest Place Apartments)The carpets looked brand new after he was done.

    We had our apartment buildings cleaned by Tapestry Fine Carpet Cleaning and I was truly impressed. One of the biggest problems, I find when it comes to carpet cleaners, is how long the carpets stay wet. Being an apartment, where you can't stop people from coming and going on the carpets, the longer the carpet is wet and people walk on it , the larger chance of the job not turning out so well. And if the carpet cleaners don't use enough water, then it looks like they didn't do the work at all. The job that Bill from Tapestry Fine Carpet Cleaning, was dry within 20 minutes after he was done!!! and the job he did was second to none!! The carpets looked brand new after he was done. The carpets that he cleaned stayed that way a lot longer than I ever had with other carpet cleaners as well. I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone who wants the job done!

  • McMillan Dubo Law Group – KamloopsWelcome to Kamloops Bill and Eva, we are very fortunate to have a great company like yours in our city.

    We have white and grey carpets in our office. The first carpet cleaner we had in to clean our carpet just drove the dirt down. The second carpet cleaner we had pulled up all the dirt and grime the first carpet cleaner pushed down. The carpets looked worse after they were done than before. They were so bad that the carpet cleaning company couldn't even charge us. We had Bill come in and look at the carpets, he is so knowledgeable about commercial carpets and how to clean them, he was confident that he could get them looking good again. His machines and products are so different from the traditional truck mounted machines it's amazing to see how the carpets become so clean and without soaking them. They are literally dry in an hour. Our carpets look like new, we were so impressed, from now on it's only Bill we call when our carpets need cleaning. You must call him, you will be amazed not only of how clean your carpets are but also how reasonable his prices are. Welcome to Kamloops Bill and Eva we are very fortunate to have a great company like yours in our city.

  • Sydnay MacLellanExceptional service and quality. I am speechless. I can not give enough 5 star reviews to express my gratitude!

    Exceptional service and quality. I am speechless. I can not give enough 5 star reviews to express my gratitude. We moved to Kamloops and spent the last four years out on an acreage with young kids, dogs the whole bit. Our light grey carpets were a mess. We recently relocated to Kelowna and Bill came out a few days after we left. After he finished he followed up with me to 'fill me in' on how things went. Because I wasn't able to see the finished product he mentioned he drove back to our place to make sure that the carpets were pristine. This was above and beyond since we live so far outside of town. He also sent over an email with details and photos. I had mentioned to him we weren't expecting miracles since the home is older and well lived in. WOW is this the same house! Unbelievable transformation. I have looked at the photos several times because I can't believe it. One of our friends and realtor walked through the house and made a point to contact us to mention how great the carpets look. I still can't believe how kind and generous Bill was with his time and the quality of work he clearly takes pride in achieving. I wish I had the opportunity to share my experience with Tapestry Fine Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning with everyone before they book their next service. Highly recommend & 10 STARS!

  • Dušan Magdolen (Paramount Theatre)Bill was so amazing!

    Bill was so amazing! He helped us out at the Paramount Theatre and pulled stains out of the carpets that have been there for decades. He and his wife also cleaned all 780 seats between our two theatres. They are now smelling and looking amazing!! Bill was super professional and responsive and I 100% recommend Tapestry for anyone.

  • Garry BlashynBrilliant!

    I used to work in the flooring industry so I have used Bill in the past and would HIGHLY recommend Bill and his company to anyone. Since the industry mandates that carpet must be professionally cleaned every 18-24 months to keep factory warrantees valid, we wanted to find a comany that would do the job right the first time! Our reputation was on the line as well! After many attempts to find a reputable, qualified carpet cleaner for our clients, we were thrilled to find Bill and recommend him...nothing but positive feedback from our clients!

    Bill is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about carpet fibres, carpet stains, and how to clean/restore carpet and can back it up with required industry certifications. I recommended him to my sister, who is quite particular about not only the quality of work performed but also the quality of customer service. When she called me afterwards, she was over the moon happy about the work. She tried all the other "carpet cleaners" out there and they all failed...even made the stain worse! Bill cleaned the stain, explained why the stain was difficult to remove, explained why the other companies were unsuccessful, explained how to look after the carpet and other potential stains in the future...BRILLIANT!

  • Bill did an amazing job. He cleaned my dining room chairs, family room rug, and 2 area rugs, one of them wool. Everything he cleaned looked amazing after he was done. I really appreciate the fact that he uses plant based cleaners, there is no chemical smell just a nice light natural smell. I will definitely have him back.
  • Kamloops Art CouncilHighly Recommend!

    Pleasant experience from the beginning. Professional service and great follow through on commitment. Highly recommend!

  • Hannah Hartmann5 Stars!
  • I had a very disgusting carpet from a rental that I thought was going to have to be replaced.. Bill was amazing friendly, fast, professional and did a wonderful job. The carpet was saved and he was very price efficient. I would highly recommend him and will definitely use him again. THANKS BILL AND TAPESTRY!!!

  • Rafaella LonghinFabulous service!
    I thought I had to get rid of a near new very high quality mattress because of some stains on it.. I called Bill at Tapestry Fine Carpet and he cleaned and sanitized it.... talk about service.. such a great job.. the mattress looks like when it was purchased .. fabulous service.. thanks again Bill..
  • Wonderful experience. I’ve used other companies in the past, surprised at how quiet his machine is, and loved the natural products which dried quickly, didn’t leave any fragrance, and cleaned so well. Bill cleaned some of my area rugs too, got all the pet stains out and the rugs looked brand new again. Tapestry stands out above the rest, highly recommend.

  • My first reaction to seeing my newly cleaned wool area rug was WOW! It looks SO good! It looked as bright as the day we first bought it. Over time and with a had started looking dull and warn. I have cleaned it myself in the past with a rental rug machine, but never got it to look as great as it does now! Thank you Bill. I appreciate too that the products are natural. Our couch looks great too!

  • I am very very happy with the sectional and carpet cleaning I got done today. Very friendly and easy person to deal with. Highly recommend. 😀

  • Tapestry Cleaning did a phenomenal job when they cleaned my carpets for my building, it was quick efficient and left the store so clean! the quick drying time was perfect for a space that needs to be open as soon as possible, they took the old carpet smell out and left it with zero scent (which is great for customers who have a scent sensitivity) overall I would definitely recommend them, especially for any commercial spaces.

  • Our carpet is very old, I mean old! Bill came we were not expecting too much but what a surprise we received such a fine job carpet has never looked so good not only that what a fine man with a good sense of humour it was a PLEASURE to have TAPESTRY CARPET CLEANERS in our home

  • I am so happy I found this company.
    The service was excellent from first contact.
    I was happy with all aspects of the cleaning of my sectional couch and carpets and sound out how environmentally friendly the amazing cleaning products are was fantastic. I would highly recommend Bill for your professional carpet or upholstery cleaning.

  • Bill arrived exactly on time and took the time to check all the carpets before cleaning them. Instead of charging more like he could have, he decided he didn't need to clean 2 area rugs as they were newer and quite clean, and charged me under his usual minimum rate for my stairs and a wool Moroccan carpet. He used all natural based products that are hypoallergenic that he makes himself... No heavy odors at all. He is a very respectful professional person and my carpets turned out fantastic! I will be getting him again soon to clean all my rugs.

  • Ansen NorgaardI was so impressed!

    I had Bill and Eva clean my carpets at my Consignment Store and I was so impressed! The nature of my store is very earth friendly so I was VERY impressed with the eco-friendly cleaning they provide, and because I needed the carpets to be dry ASAP so they were not wet whilst customers were in, they use this method that made allowed the carpet to dry so quick!

    Another thing that I loved was that Bill was able to do my are rugs, and whatever method they used was awesome! my persian rugs looked even more vibrant than before, no colour bleed at all.

  • Mike SorensenHighly Recommend!

    Had them do my carpets a few weeks ago. Great Job, quick drying. Very impressed with results. Highly recommend!

  • Matt and Jennifer McKenzieVery Professional. The Best.

    Bill is simply the best. They have been looking after our upholstery, rugs and carpets for years and just did another great job today - we've never done a review for them, so thought I'd do one finally!

    They do great work for normal wear and tear jobs, but also for really tough stains (kids and pets). All the materials utilized are 'green' and safe, which is important to us and leaves the carpets feeling like new every time. We have never had any negative surprises with their quotes or ultimate pricing as well... and quality always meets or exceeds our expectations.

    We are moving out of the province this month but thought we'd say goodbye to our favourite cleaners ever! We would highly highly recommend anyone to utilize their services.

  • Tammy BefusOMG Amazing!!!!

    OMG Amazing!!!! Bill and Eva are amazing they are very friendly and very educational. They got stains out of our carpet that the previous cleaners could not. The carpet looks brand new again. But where they did there magic was on the furniture. Our furniture is over 18 years old and I though I would have to buy some new furniture in the next year because of the look of it, but not now. It Looks as good as new. I had some felt protectors on my furniture to protect the hardware one came loose and left a glue mark on the area rug, I tried myself to remove it but had no luck, but Bill got it off. Thanks for the amazing work!!!

  • Andrew DaleyVery knowledgeable about all kinds of carpet and upholstery...

    Bill is the most conscientious and thorough carpet cleaner we have ever used. We have a massive amount of carpet, rugs, and upholstery, and he manages it all in one day. He has invested in top-notch equipment and is very knowledgeable about all kinds of carpet and upholstery. He is also one of the few contractors in Canada certified to work with wool. His work is exceptional.

  • Vivian AuRescued our wool/silk Persian rug...

    Excellent service!! We've used Bill a couple of times now and I will ONLY use his service moving forward. He is personable, professional and meticulous. He has cleaned our wool carpets and recently rescued our wool/silk persian rug from being permanently stained. His spot carpet cleaner is the best on the market (and we've tried them all) - best of all his product is safe for pets and babies. You will not be disappointed!

  • Claire HuffakerI cannot recommend highly enough.

    Bill has cleaned my carpet several times now, and I have been extremely pleased with the results. Our family includes a dog, a cat and two teenagers, with all the resulting wear and tear on the house that you might expect. Somehow Bill always manages to make the carpets look fresh and clean. He also takes the time to provide helpful advice (and cleaning product) with a goal to keeping the carpets as nice as possible. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • Kerry MiltonI would highly recommend...

    I have used Bill three times to clean both my carpet, upholstery and area rugs and have alway been very pleased with the results. He uses a non-toxic technology resulting in carpets that are very clean as well as barely wet. No waiting hours for the carpet to dry! They can even clean the area rugs right on top of the hardwood without water soaking through and damaging the wood. No waiting days to have carpets cleaned off site. I would highly recommend Bill and plan to use this service again.

  • Jennifer GrossmanBest Carpet Cleaning Ever

    Bill and Eva came by to clean my carpets for the third time (over a 10 year period) earlier this week and blew my mind again. I have 2 dogs and a cat and, while all are house/ litter box trained there is the occasional accident/ fur ball.

    Bill and Eva are a 'triple threat'
    1) They are both extremely pleasant, personable and professional.
    2) They do incredible work. I'm always extra impressed with how my stairs come out. He also cleaned 2 chairs this time and they look fantastic. They are perfectionists and even after I had paid and Bill was on his way out the door, he noticed a small spot on the stairs (I couldn't see it) and then spent another 10 minutes making sure it was clean to his standard (which apparently is above mine!).
    3) Bill is extremely knowledgeable about everything related to carpet and upholstery cleaning and provides excellent advice.

    I exuberantly recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues.

    Thanks Bill and Eva!

  • Barbara KlassenThis in the only company I will call...

    After years of trying various carpet cleaners, I discovered Bill in 2008. Since then, his is the only company I will call to have our carpets and upholstery cleaned. As the owner operator, Bill delivers excellent service in a timely, efficient and professional manner. We are fortunate to have Bill in Calgary!

  • Christine PimiskernBar none, this is THE BEST...

    Bill has done our carpets for 3 years straight now and I have recommended Bill to friends and colleagues-who repeatedly thank me 🙂
    Clean smell=absence of all other odours! I use Bill 2x per year and my carpets look/smell/feel amazing after they are done!
    Bar none, this is THE BEST, most cost effective carpet cleaning in Calgary!
    PS, I have white carpets with 3 pets and children! No stain has ever beaten Bill, including a full bowl of Kim-chi dumped on 4 stairs!!

  • Marianne MedhurstTakes pride in his work.

    I really appreciate that it is an owner-operated company. The owner is accomodating, pleasant, and efficient. He works quickly, thoroughly and takes pride in his work.

  • Shelley HernandezAbsolutely fantastic job.

    We had our carpet cleaned yesterday morning, and just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the results. This carpet (very light cream color) looks brand new, he did an absolutely fantastic job. have never seen carpets come out this good. Well worth the money and we cannot say enough. Excellent job, keep up the great work and I will highly recommend you to my friends and family. - The Hernandez family.

  • Michael and LauraHe understands wool carpets...

    Bill always shows up on time, he understands wool carpets and he is neat and tidy in his work. He is always willing to come and give me a quick consult in the case of an accident on a carpet. When he cleans our carpets they look fantastic and remain so for a long time. Thanks Bill!

  • Angela HillI can trust him...

    Bill has been cleaning our carpets for 6 years now and I don’t see myself using anyone else. I think I found him initially by just googling carpet cleaners and he appealed to me because of the no chemical use, making it safe for babies and pets. Besides that, Bill is always helpful and accommodating, I can trust him and he always knows what to do. I’ve already referred him to three other families because he’s been so great.

  • Sarah AshleyProfessional

    Bill did a great job on my upholstery and was very fast and professional. I love that his products are so safe for my entire family. Would definitely use again.

  • Teresa TheriaultMove-in

    I could not of asked for a better team of professionals to come and clean the carpets in the home we just moved into.. Bill and his wife were both professional and knowledgeable when it comes to carpet care. They did a very thorough cleaning, explained the type of carpets I had and what is recommend in caring for them... I was very pleased with their work! I would definitely recommend them! Thanks to you both, Teresa.

  • Colleen NazarchukBill operates on high standards...

    Outstanding Service! Bill cleaned our carpets for the first time since we moved into our home 4 yrs ago. Even thought the carpets are 10 years old, he made the carpets look brand new. I love the fact that the products he uses are eco-friendly, natural and safe, especially for our toddler and cat. Bill operates on high standards and customer service is his priority...

  • Gord NicholsWe are still blown away...

    My wife found Bill on homestars and he was also recommended by a friend of ours. He is very good at what he does and did a spectacular job cleaning our carpets on our new home. Bill is a true professional and I wouldn't dream of using another company. We are still blown away at how renewed the carpet looks as we were expecting to replace it. Thanks Bill on a fantastic job!

  • Scott ImlerPleasant and welcome surprise.

    Having had many carpet cleaners in the house with not the best results, Bill was a pleasant and welcome surprise. The carpets are cleaner than they have ever been. He is very knowledgable about carpets and the products to clean them. Did a great job and was very efficient. Cannot say enough good about Bill and his process from start to finish. Very Happy.

  • Carol BushfieldQuality, professionalism, care and finished results...

    We have had our carpets cleaned by several different companies over the years but have never received the quality, professionalism, care and finished results as we have with Bill.  What incredible service Bill, thank you! You can see that you really care about your customers and take pride in what you do.

  • Grant IrvineBest Possible Carpet Cleaning

    Today was the third or fourth time that Bill has cleaned our carpet. Today we were happy to meet Eva as well. There's a good reason for us to always call them back when we need carpet cleaning. They do a fabulous job for a fair price. We wouldn't consider anyone else because we think this is the best possible carpet cleaning service we could ask for. Thank you Bill and Eva

  • Preston – SpringbankWow! Is all I have to say...

    My painter recommended Bill to clean our basement carpets out in Springbank. We had originally thought of replacing them but our painter said that Get Fresh does the best work he has ever seen. Wow! Is all I have to say about Bill's quality of service. I would not hesitate to call Bill again, and again. Preston

  • Mary Jane Lennox

    Bill has been cleaning our carpets for over the last three years. When he comes into the house he sets up his protective stuff so your baseboards and wall corners don't get banged up. He doesn't use your sink and he has gotten dog urine, red kids paint, mud prints etc out of our carpet. He and his wife are absolutely lovely! Well worth every penny! And they leave you with a bottle of the best carpet stain remover ever! Did I mention what they are environmentally friendly too!

  • Jennifer GrossmanPunctual, knowledgeable and professional.

    The last time someone came to clean my carpets, you couldn't even tell that he had even been here. During my search for someone new, I stumbled upon HomeStars and saw all the excellent reviews about Bill... I was somewhat skeptical, wondering if any carpet cleaner could be as good as what the reviewers have described. I was happy to find out that the answer is YES. I didn't think it would be possible to get the dirt out of the carpet on our stairs, but Bill proved me wrong. The carpets look like new. Bill was punctual, knowledgeable and professional.

  • Kris AldagI would highly recommend...

    Bill was super friendly and did a great job on our carpets. I would highly recommend him to everybody, you have to wait a bit but totally worth it! Plus you get a great stain remover for accidents down the road.

  • WallnutsExceptional as what he does...

    I first met Bill on one of my customer job sites as he was hired to come in a clean the carpets, since then I have gotten to know him and his services and I would not dream of using or recommending anyone else.

    Bill is a true professional and he is exceptional at what he does, and as an owner operator business he gives 100% to each and every customer and takes care to give you the personal service you need that you just cannot get with other companies.

    Bill specializes in Fragrance Free, Odor Free and Hypoallergenic carpet cleaning with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that negatively impact the air quality of your home.

    His system is Perfect for children and those who suffer from asthma.

    For carpet and upholstery cleaning Bill is the best!

  • ValerieHe did not disappoint...

    I have never hired the same carpet cleaner twice....until now. I have always been unsatisfied with the results. It didn't matter if it was a deal I found in the paper, online, or even a so called high priced reputable company. I have never been happy. Every year, I would always get anxious when carpet cleaning time came around. Would some sleazy guy show up at my door and make me feel uncomfortable? Or would they make me feel that if I didn't upgrade to a better cleaning product that what I was already paying for, it would be a horrible thing? Would the guy quickly go over my carpets as fast as possible? Would they say they "tried" to get out a stain? Sometimes my house would smell good as they were cleaning but stink the next day. Sometimes the carpet would be wet for days!!! Here enters Bill! We found him online and there were tonnes of great reviews. We liked that He was the owner and the person doing the work, so we knew he would want to do a good job because it was his company...his name. HE did not disappoint. From our first professional phone call, I had a feeling this might actually be different. When he showed up on time, He was very professional in his appearance, and interactions. He quickly was accessing the house and right down to work. My carpets are not really dirty other than I like a good cleaning once in a while. He did a great job!! He worked hard. I had moved furniture already but he even moved big heavy stuff I did not expect! My carpets were clean! He did a great job! He worked hard. I got everything I wanted in a carpet cleaner. I will not be looking for anyone else ever again! Now...can anyone recommend a good mechanic??

  • Marcia Ferguson-Dark

    Bill is my go to guy when it comes to my carpets and the cleaning of my furniture. We have had him several times as we had a big brown curly dog named Molly who used to give the carpets quite a workout from one season to another. The product he uses is pet friendly and he is so very thorough. We recently lost our dog and Bill came to the rescue to clean up the residue as well as cleaning our furniture where Molly layed her head. I have recommended him to neighbours and friends and I don't think you will get a better job done. Thanks Bill!

  • Jim FriesHighest Recommendation.

    Bill did an amazing job cleaning carpets that have been neglected for too long. Cleaned by others a few years ago, Bill brought them back to life. When I asked how often and suggested annually, his response was without pets or small children we should be able to go from 2-4 years. Amazing advise. Highest recommendation.

  • Kerry Parker SmithCarpet and Upholstery Cleaning

    Bill cleaned the carpets of our new home before we moved in and they were cleaned beautifully for us. He then came in a year later to clean a few of our sofas and my grandmother's area rugs and again, he was courteous, did a wonderful job and left us with a few bottles of his spray cleaner that is absolutely magical. We have 2 kids and 1 older dog and honestly I can't thank him enough for the spray spot cleaner! It has saved us from spilled coffee on the sofa, spilled mango juice on the area rug and numerous dog accidents! And most importantly, the product is environmentally clean and non toxic which is very important to my family.

  • Simmone HicksWe love the residue free cleaning...

    Bill has been looking after our 15,000 sq/ft conference centre for many years. We love the residue free cleaning and how fast everthing dries which is very important to us in a busy facility that is used every day. Indoor air quality is another top concern for us and our guests. Bill’s process is completely hypoallergenic and VOC free. Plus it always looks amazing!

  • KimberleyAwesome! Awesome! Awesome!

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! What more can I say? Bill was very professional, punctual and went the extra mile. We have 2 dogs and a cat and he was able to make our 11 year old carpets like new. He left a few bottles of product to use for spot cleaning and I LOVE IT! I also have allergies and usually suffer for a few days after getting the carpets cleaned...but not this time! We would highly recommend Bill...