Video: Woolsafe® Approved Products

Improperly cleaned wool may cause permanent damage. This video shows the importance of using WoolSafe® Approved products.

WHat’s the Takeaway of the Video?

Wool is expensive and deserves the finest care. Wool carpets and wool area rugs age gracefully, developing their unique character. Wool broadloom represents less than one percent of the fibre used to make carpets. Yet, for many, it is considered the premier fibre for high-quality floor coverings. Wool carpet is durable and inherently resilient, making it a long-lasting option. Wool carpet is also the natural choice for those who value style, quality, indoor air quality (wool is naturally low-VOC carpet) and sustainability.

As shown in the video, wool needs proper cleaning to avoid damaging the natural protective membrane. The damage caused by one improper cleaning may not be visible, but the longevity and natural stain resistance are compromised. The video show how the stain resistance can be partially restored with a protective treatment. However, this needs to be understood. Doesn’t adding a chemical treatment negate the natural chemical free love for wool? We think so.

The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Carpet Primer states: “It should be noted, however, that these treatments are enhancements; they do not make the carpet stain-proof.”

For example, a wool carpet treated with a stain-resistant finish is still subject to stains if the spot is not removed promptly and properly. Plus, chemical treatments are not a substitute for the preventative measures of vacuuming and cleaning.

While we love wool, we do not recommend wool carpets if you have untrained dogs. Pet accidents can permanently bleach or discolour wool. Also, many cleaning products for pet stains have enzymes, and strong oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide will damage the wool, making pet stain removal challenging.

Beautiful Things Deserve the Finest Care

When hiring a Professional Carpet or Area Rug Cleaning Service, choose a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider. Sadly, many companies use the WoolSafe® logos fraudulently on their websites. There are only two Approved Service Providers in Greater Victoria. You can find a carpet cleaner at

Tapestry is a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider. We meet the highest standards in professional carpet and area rug care. As a WoolSafe® Fibre Care Specialist technician, I have extensive professional training with many years of experience and use only approved products. Whether it’s New Zealand Wool Broadloom, or Oriental and Persian rugs, I have the expertise to care for them. Beautiful things deserve the finest care!

I am also a WoolSafe® Approved Fabric Care Specialist and have undergone extensive Fabric Care Specialist training to meet the highest standards in furnishing fabrics and upholstery cleaning. I use time-honoured heirloom quality techniques to clean natural fibre upholstery fabrics like linen, cotton, silk, and melton wool. I clean fine fabric furnishing daily. So, if you are looking for Upholstery Cleaning Victoria, we’re here to help.

If you have any questions regarding the care of wool carpet, rugs or upholstery, please reach out to me. I am always happy to help.