Preventing Damage to Your Oriental Rug

This article offers tips and tricks to help prevent premature wear and damage to your cherished Oriental rug and other area rugs.

Preventing Sun Fading

Wool is an incredible natural fibre and the perfect fibre for Oriental rugs. Never buy a viscose rug. Wool holds dye to the core of its fibre, making it resistant to sun fading. That is why you may see many rugs in museums with brilliant colours, which are well over a hundred years old! However, long term sun exposure will result in colour fading. Consider placing your Oriental rug out of direct sunlight. You can also close the drapes or blinds while you are at work. Additionally, rotating your rug once a year will help.

Preventing Premature Wear

Rotating your Oriental rug once a year will also help to avoid noticeable wear caused by foot traffic and favourite sitting positions. Pay attention to pivot points. When you turn while walking, your foot will turn in one spot. This pivoting action cuases wear.

Moving Your Oriental Rug

When it comes time to rotate or move a larger rug, always roll up your area rug first. Always roll it against the direction of the nap, preventing pile crushing. To identify the nap direction, run your palm over the surface of your rug. As you do this, notice that running your hand in one way will feel smooth. The other way will feel rough. Never grab the end of an area rug and drag it, as this will cause irreversible damage. 

Storing Your Oriental Rug

If you need to store a rug, hire a professional Oriental rug cleaning service to clean it before storage. A dry storage area is essential. If cleaning is not an option, then give it a thorough vacuuming. A vacuum with a sealed HEPA filter is ideal. Never wrap your area rug in plastic wrap. It will prevent the rug’s fibres from breathing and trap moisture, leading to the growth of mould and mildew. When needed, protect it by wrapping it in a large blanket or Kraft paper.

Always Use a Rug Pad

A quality rug pad will help protect your rug from premature wear and damage. But there are many other benefits as well. It secures it to the floor, adds extra cushioning, and even reduces noise. Any noise reduction with households having kids and pets is welcome! A rug pad should be about 1-1 ½ inches smaller than the rug all the way around. You want the edges and corners slightly tapered to the floor, preventing curling and trip hazards. Pads come in many materials, and each has pros and cons. Doing some research will help you choose the right rug pad for your circumstances and space.

Cleaning Your Oriental Rug

Eventually, your oriental rug will require cleaning by a professional. Sending your rug out to dedicated rug cleaning will include mechanical dusting of the rug that removes years of fine particulates, followed by immersion cleaning. You will also need more frequent cleaning by an Oriental rug cleaning service. If you are looking for Area Rug Cleaning Victoria, here at Tapestry, we can clean your oriental rugs in your home. Make sure to choose a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider. They will use WoolSafe® Approved cleaning solutions and techniques, ensuring your Oriental and fine wool rugs last for generations. This video shows the importance of using WoolSafe® Approved products when cleaning wool. 

These simple tips and tricks will help prevent damage to your cherished Oriental rug.