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Carpet Cleaning in North Saanich, BC by Meticulous Owner With 30 Years’ Experience

Carpet Cleaning in North Saanich, BC by Carpet & Rug Institute Approved Service Provider. Carpet will be left fabulously soft, fluffy & dry in 1-2 hrs.

North Saanich’s Boutique Carpet Cleaning Company

Are you looking for professional carpet cleaning in North Saanich, BC by a detail-obsessed owner-operator who cares? Then you will love what we do!

Hi there, we’re Bill & Eva, the owners of Tapestry Fine Carpet Cleaning. I am Bill, and you will work directly with me. I have been cleaning for over 30 years! Many of my best clients are in North Saanich, and I love working there! I am not sure why my services have become so popular in North Saanich, but I like to believe it is my obsessive penchant for detail. I am obsessive about textile cleaning and plant-based cleaning. As an owner-operator, I have the luxury to use the best tools and spend however long it takes to get the best results. So if you need upholstery, area rug or carpet cleaning in North Saanich, we need to work together!

They say if you want to learn something new, go back 100 years and you will find it. In the 1890’s John Henry Patterson is quoted as saying: “Good enough is the enemy of all progress.” This is our motto.

About North Saanich
North Saanich is a highly desirable rural-residential area. Its long coastline on three sides affords many housing sites with excellent views of water, islands and mountains. Its rolling interior lands afford views of hills and valleys and a generous feeling of open space and rapport with nature.

 As a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider, I can safely clean area rugs in your home and over any flooring. My in-home area rug cleaning service is for all rugs, synthetic, modern wool, Oriental and Persian rugs. So, for trusted local carpet cleaning in North Saanich, whether Ardmore, Deep Cove, Curteis Point, Cloake Hill/Green Park, Dean Park or the Southeast Quadrant, then we need to talk! We provide the best in safe & natural, plant-based, truly green carpet cleaning or area rug and upholstery cleaning by a WoolSafe® Fine Fabric Care SpecialistYou will love our simple all-inclusive pricing and super-easy online booking!

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Nothing We Do Is Ordinary

Our flat-rate all-inclusive pricing includes every conceivable extra that many companies will try to upsell you when they get to your home. Here are 14 reasons to trust us to care for your carpet.

Simple Pricing. Our simple all-inclusive pricing includes everything needed to get the best results!

Super-Easy Online Booking. It’s fast, super-easy, and no payment information is required.

Dry in 1-2 Hours. Our modern carpet cleaning service is designed for our humid coastal climate in Greater Victoria.

Safe & Natural, Plant-Based, Truly Green Carpet Cleaning. We are leaders in super-powered nanotech colloidal plant-based cleaning. Made from edible plants!

Pet Safe, Baby Safe & Planet Safe. The absolute safest, healthiest carpet cleaning possible.

Certified Professional with 30 years Experience. Learn about us and our industry certifications.

Highly Specialized Spot & Stain Removal. Including pet stains & odours. Whatever it takes to get the best results!

No Reoccurring Spots. True deep cleaning!

Naturally Soft. Leaves your carpet fabulously soft and fluffy!

Anti-Allergen Treatment. Removes and denatures allergens, such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander!

Odour Removal. Removes the source of odours, not simply masking them. Including pet stains & odours!

Organic Odourless Sanitizing. Removes viruses and bacteria with no residual footprint. So safe you can wash your hands with it!

Natural Anti-Resoiling Protection. Your carpet will stay cleaner, longer!

Simple Guarantee. If you are less than 100% satisfied, we will re-clean any portion of the job. If you are still less than 100% satisfied, we will refund the cost of that portion of your job.

More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

Highly specialized textile cleaning services designed exclusively for our humid coastal climate in and near North Saanich, BC. Learn more about our services below!

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Trusted local carpet cleaning in and near Victoria, BC by a detail-obsessed owner-operator who cares. Learn more about our service area locations below!

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