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The Finest Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The Finest Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our approach to commercial carpet cleaning is simple. We save you money on maintenance while protecting your indoor air quality and investment. Cleaner, drier, safer, smarter!


We use an innovative multi-method approach to commercial carpet cleaning. No two projects are alike. Therefore, we begin with a careful inspection of areas to be cleaned and considering your needs. Next, we determine the best approach for your project. Doing so protects your investment and contribute to the health and safety of your indoor environment. Our holistic approach to commercial carpet cleaning encompasses the following seven principles. These principles are the foundation of every project we do!

  • Cost Effective
  • Maximize Carpet Life-Cycle
  • Maximize Visual Appearance
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality (VOCs)
  • Lowest Environmental Footprint
  • Integrated Deep Sanitization
  • Dry in minutes not hours or days.

Water Conservation

Yes, you need water for commercial carpet cleaning. However, you do not need as much as you would think! Think of high-efficiency (HE) washing machines that use up to 80% less water. Likewise, our advanced ultra-low moisture commercial carpet cleaning systems use up to 95% less water than traditional methods. In addition, our innovative nanotech colloidal plant-based cleaning solutions leave the carpet looking clean for longer than traditional cleaning chemistry.

Energy Conservation

The highest energy cost in any building is the HVAC systems. Eliminate hot water extraction for commercial carpet cleaning reduces the associated energy costs to dry wet carpet and remove the excess humidity from the building, not to mention the costs to fix problems due to over-wetting the carpet. Open doors during cleaning increases cost and risk. Our innovative ultra moisture cleaning technology removes these hidden costs.

Financial Conservation

Saving water and energy is a necessity. Let’s be transparent —commercial carpet cleaning must be cost-effective for you, or the cleaning frequency will suffer. As a result, you will face concerns such as undesirable appearance and premature replacement. There are also hidden costs, such as the health costs from Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). We are only beginning to understand the high costs related to these problems. Our nanotech colloidal plant-based cleaning and ultra-low moisture carpet cleaning system is cost-effective and will not contribute to these costs.

LEED Green Building

Our smart approach to commercial carpet cleaning can help your facility or business achieve sustainability targets and LEED Green Building points.

Water Usage – As low as 8L of unheated water for 100m²
Waste Water – None
Electricity – As low as 800 watts at 185m² per hour
Indoor Air Quality – No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Simply Put, There Is No Smarter or Greener Way To Clean Commercial Carpet.

Case studies show the importance of having a strategic maintenance plan for commercial carpet cleaning. We can help develop a custom plan that fits your budget. Leverage our 30 years’ experience, specialized training, and numerous industry certifications. Enjoy clean, sanitized and healthy carpets year-round at a reasonable cost. Let us know your budget, and we will figure out how we can best meet it!

  • Property Managers
  • Strata Carpet Cleaning
  • Apartment Common Areas Carpet Cleaning
  • Retirement Home Carpet Cleaning
  • Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Facility Carpet Cleaning
  • Hotel Carpet Cleaning
  • Motel Carpet Cleaning
  • Resort Carpet Cleaning
  • Banquet Hall Carpet Cleaning
  • Medical Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Dentist Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Highrise Carpet Cleaning

Some of Our Customers

We love commercial carpet cleaning and getting results that wow our customers! As you can see in our featured reviews below, nothing we do is ordinary. If would you like to speak to one of our commercial customers about what we do, please let us know and we will make it happen.

  • BC Ferries
  • McMillan Dubo Law Group
  • BCAA
  • Rags 2 Riches
  • Royal Lepage
  • Noort Investments
  • Prestige Hotels & Resorts
  • Columbia Property Management
  • The Paramount Theatre
  • The Kamloops Film Society
  • The Kamloops Art Council

Featured Testimonial

We have white and grey carpets in our office. The first carpet cleaner we had in to clean our carpet just drove the dirt down. The second carpet cleaner we had pulled up all the dirt and grime the first carpet cleaner pushed down. The carpets looked worse after they were done than before. They were so bad that the carpet cleaning company couldn’t even charge us.

We had Bill come in and look at the carpets, he is so knowledgeable about commercial carpets and how to clean them, he was confident that he could get them looking good again. His machines and products are so different from the traditional truck mounted machines. It’s amazing to see how the carpets become so clean and without soaking them. They are literally dry in an hour. Our carpets look like new, we were so impressed, from now on it’s only Bill we call when our carpets need cleaning.

You must call him, you will be amazed not only of how clean your carpets are but also how reasonable his prices are. Welcome to Kamloops Bill and Eva, we are very fortunate to have a great company like yours in our City.

Cheryl Ens
McMillan Dubo Law Group

Featured Testimonial

We had our six apartment buildings cleaned by Tapestry Fine Carpet Cleaning and I was truly impressed. One of the biggest problems, I find when it comes to carpet cleaners, is how long the carpets stay wet. Being an apartment, where you can’t stop people from coming and going on the carpets, the longer the carpet is wet and people walk on it, the larger chance of the job not turning out so well. And if the carpet cleaners don’t use enough water, then it looks like they didn’t do the work at all.

The job that Bill from Tapestry Fine Carpet Cleaning, was dry within 20 minutes after he was done!!! The job he did was second to none!!! The carpets looked brand new after he was done. The carpets that he cleaned stayed that way a lot longer than I ever had with other carpet cleaners as well. I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone who wants the job done!

Lance Mason
Noort Investments